Digger bees mostly reside underground which is why they’re known for burrowing isolated nests. Only exterminate digger bees if their nests disturbs your property. A pesticide dust and an insecticide aerosol befits a small bee nest problem.

Besides the pesticide and insecticide prepare yourself with a bee mask (that’s available in a garden or hardware store).

Wear boots, a long-sleeved shirt, meshed veil (or bee mask), thick pants, and enclose cuffs and ankles with duct tape for extra protection. Also assure that bees don’t enter the neck line of your shirt. Duct tape helps cover more skin.

Pinpoint the nest hole typically digger bees construct tinier holes, because they burrow closer to each other and nest in delicate terrain.

If you’ve found a high traffic bee area most likely it’s an entrance to a bee nest.


Drench the entryway with the insecticide aerosol and bee pesticide. At night-time is recommendable when the bee colony will be more dormant. The day afterward inspect the nest area to double-check bee activity, and repeat the chemical procedure until bee activity is expunged.


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