When you encounter underground wasps or bees then extermination is a befitting method to do away with them. Both insects are hostile and beleaguer people and pets. Do-it-yourself bee extermination requires considerable preparation but it’s not intricate.


Reconnoiter the flight behavior of bees at least 3 days to understand the enormity of their nest and the entryways. Furthermore, check the breed of bees. Wasps and yellow jackets can instantaneously be eliminated with a hornet insecticide aerosol. Hornets seldom nest underground and they’re more tedious to eliminate.



Night-time is best for the extermination procedure because bees will be dormant. Install a window screen over the entryway of a nest. For multiple entries, block them with sizable rocks to entrap the bees.

Drench the nest with the hornet aerosol through the screen as detailed to the maker’s instructions.

Anticipate fleeing if the bees breakout. Usually, bees fly straight-ward so run in a zig-zag direction.

Pause one day and douse the nest with the same procedure to ensure all bees are eliminated.

Even-out any cavities in the terrain caused by the nest. It’s indispensable for the removal process, because bees and wasps atypically reoccupy a deserted nest.


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